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First Chair Angela Anna Kania

Latha, Dhana und Mari von Sakthi Home

Latha, Dhana and Mari from Sakthi Home

I am Angela Anna Kania from Nuremberg and the first chairwoman of our association Angel'as energy eV. My sons Michel and Manuel Kania are the chairmen with me and my husband Richard is the treasurer . My friend Bettina Westendarp is a cash auditor, other active members are Sonja Kloss, Kim Westendarp, Wolfgang Kania and Josef Bogner. So our association is a real "Family and friendship company" .

With the association I have fulfilled my heart's desire to support women and girls in India. I have had this close connection to India for over 8 years.

I have always had a very close connection to the women of India and have privately supported a number of women and families in the past. 

By a stroke of luck I met Latha, the home mother of the Sakthi Girls, in October 2019. In January 2020, Kim and I were there for several weeks and experienced the everyday life of the girls and women in the Sakthi Home. The living conditions were not reasonable for our circumstances. For the 23 girls and women there was a shower (consisting of a water tap) and two toilets, as well as a single room for eating, study play and sleep.

Latha and her 2 relative wives, Dhana and Mari worked for 8 years without any financial support (from the government) for the girls!! They received no salary during these 8 years , they worked out of pure unconditional charity. Latha went from house to house and collected donations for food (rice with simple vegetables 3 times a day), clothing and above all money for school education.

We have learned the personal stories of each girl in detail. This touched us deeply and it was clear to us that we inevitably have to support Latha with her girls !


The warmth in the house jumped over to me! I couldn't forget those girls who were so happy and polite. I decided that as long as I know these girls myself, none of them will be involuntarily married!

More information  can be found in the video on our YouTube channel.

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